Louise Collis

Landscape Artist                                           painting outdoors whatever the weather......

Hidden Art !

I have hidden small paintings in the landscapes that inspire me for you to find.


If you find one it is yours to keep, all I ask is that you get in touch with me to let me know that they have been found, and I would love a photo of you with the painting.  


The co-ordinates are-

Painting One 2019 - Found on 26 Dec 2019 Well done Gareth


Painting Two 2019 - SO55392 14353


Painting Three 2019 - Location to be released on Facebook & Twitter on 29 Dec


Found Paintings

Painting One 2018 - Found on 26 Dec 2018

Painting Two 2018 - Found on 26 Dec 2018

Painting Three 2018 - Found on 29 Dec 2018

Painting One 2017 - Found on 27th Dec 2017

Painting Two 2017 - Found on 27th Dec 2017

Painting Three 2017 - Found on 29th Dec 2017

Painting One 2016 - Found on 26th Dec 2016

Painting Two 2016 - Found on 26th Dec 2016

Painting Three 2016 - Found on 29th Dec 2016

Painting One 2015 -Found on 26 Dec 2015

Painting Two 2015 - Found on 26 Dec 2015

Painting One 2014  - Found on 28th Dec 2014!

Painting Two 2014 - Found on 28th Dec 2014!

Painting Three -2013 - Found on 27 Dec 2013!

Painting One-2012 - Found on 29 Dec 2012!

Painting Two-2012 -Found on 26 Dec 2012!


If you are not familiar with map co-ordinates, map-reading or navigating in the outdoors, the links on the right of this page will tell you everythng you need to get started. Please pay special attention to the 'Safety on the Hills' link! The landscapes that I paint in are beautiful but wild places and should be treated with respect.


I'm really excited about this project. The idea is to encourage people to venture out into, and explore, the landscape which has inspired me to paint. I hope that they will discover a little of the natural beauty and wildness that I try to capture in my work.


I've also posted the co-ordinates on my Facebook and Twitter page and will be having a draw to give away an additional painting to people who share the co-ordinates with their friends and followers.




Here are some links to websites that might help you to locate the paintings -


online grid-reference finder


Understanding the OS Grid


Safety in the hills


Countryside Code Wales 

Painting One - SO24707 12397

Painting Two - SO55392 14353

Hiding painting one -

This one is hidden on a mountain not to far from the paintings subject

Painting two's hiding place

This painting is hidden behind a tree stump near a large river (but a safe distance away!) where 2 paths meet a forestry road and a stream..

'Snow at Keepers Pond'

Painting Three

'Rocks of the Point'


The location of this painting will be revealed on my Facebook page and Twitter on 29th December (pm)



IMG_4762 pic1-b pic1-a River-Usk-May2-low-res pic2-c pic2-d pic2-a Rocks-off-morte-point-low-res

'Light on the River'